Monday, December 15, 2008

grace's reaction in a megacity

My reaction in the selection which intitlled the megacity , megacity is a big city and a populated place.Megacity is a wonderful place, has big buildings. Megacity means bigcity.
There are many tourist visiting in a megacity it is just like a city of Mexico . A wonderful place to live.In a megacity it is more revealing and has more on technologies than into rural areas. Megacity is an urbam place so it has many oppurtunities than in the rural areas. Oppurtunities like jobs, educationand medical care.There are running water in a house to house.
But in a city there are more polution than in a rural ares .There are many beggars in a megacity just like what we saw in our city . Most of them was children a bony children. If they will ask me if where should i prefer to live , i'll choose in a rural area cause there i can have a peaceful life than in city and is away from polution. Where I can breath a freesh airand can drink a clean water not a poluted water. It is not necessarily that there are no opputunities in a rural areas .There are some but not exacly none.

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